TSG Remote Depo

Whether you are taking a single deposition with a handful of attendees or setting up an arbitration with hundreds of participants over a series of weeks, TSG will customize the solution that suits your needs

The Future of Remote Depositions Starts Here:

  • Our Key Features :

    1. Secure video conferencing

    2. Interactive exhibit management

    3. Cloud storage

    4. Secure screen sharing


TSG Remote Depo is built for legal and stands out as a leader in today’s modern litigation technology.

TSG Remote Depo is a web-based audio, visual and exhibit management system that makes it easy for attorneys to upload, preview, share, stamp and annotate digital exhibits. The platform closely emulates deposition workflows to provide participants with a comfortable and intuitive experience. It is built for opportunity that stands out as a leader in today’s modern litigation technology.

*Nothing to download or install, the TSG Remote Depo platform is browser-based for Mac, PC, and Android devices. The iOS application is now available for download on iPads and iPhones

Web-Based Platform

* Built-in exhibit management for pdf, image, and Office documents * Uploaded exhibits are private until shared * Stamp, share, and annotate exhibits with just a click * Share Screen allows you to display other files including audio and video

Integrated Exhibit Management

* Account based authentication ensures that no uninvited parties may join your proceeding * Video and web traffic is end-to-end encrypted * All exhibit and audio/video files are encrypted at rest

Industry Standard Security

* Private and lockable sidebar rooms provide a secure area for off the record discussions * Sidebar rooms are only open and available when off the record

Accessible Sidebar Rooms


  • What do I need to download to run a TSG Remote Depo?

    Nothing. TSG Remote Depo is a web-based platform that can be accessed from any device with Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. iOS is also supported through the vTestify Connect application (available on the App Store today)

  • What file types can be used as exhibits?

    The platform supports .PDF, .PNG, .JPG, .XLSX, .DOCX, .PPTX file formats.

  • Do I still need to use a videoconference program with TSG Remote Depo exhibit sharing?

    No, TSG Remote Depo has high quality video conferencing built into the platform. This all-in-one platform integrates both video conferencing and exhibit management.

  • How many participants can attend a TSG Remote Depo deposition?

    TSG Remote Depo can support up to 50 HD video participants via computer with up to 20 simultaneous video streams displayed at once.

  • Which browsers are compatible with TSG Remote Depo?

    TSG Remote Depo is compatible with the latest versions of both the Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers.

  • Can you use two screens with TSG Remote Depo?

    Yes, TSG Remote Depo is a versatile program that does not limit the user to a single screen. The picture-in-picture function allows for video to populate multiple places on multi-screen configurations.


  • Do I need to use two screens with TSG Remote Depo?

    No, the platform is highly customizable and is fully functional on a single screen without the need for a second.

  • Can I join by telephone? By computer audio?

    Joining by telephone, computer audio, or a combination of computer and dial in are all customizable options with TSG Remote Depo.

  • Do you have a mobile version of TSG Remote Depo?

    TSG Remote Depo is fully functional on Android Devices, we also have a dedicated iOS application available on the App Store, vTestify Connect (hyperlink to app store download - https://apps.apple.com/us/app/vtestify-connect/id1549727473 )

    2Iphone Edit2.png

  • Does each participant need a TSG Remote Depo account?

    No, with the newly launched Guest Join feature, attendees such as the witness and participants who do not have the need for uploading and sharing accounts can quickly join a proceeding as a guest. Participants that plan to upload, share, and annotate exhibits on the record must create an account for full functionality of the platform.

  • Can the opposing counsel see my documents before they are introduced?

    No, TSG Remote Depo ensures that privacy is a focus, any exhibit uploaded to the platform is completely hidden from all other participants until shared on the record.

  • Which exhibit file formats does TSG Remote Depo support?

    TSG Remote Depo natively supports PDFs, image files (.png, .jpg) and office files (Word, PowerPoint, & Excel) which are automatically converted to the PDF filetype. All other filetypes are currently supported via screen share.

  • What annotation tools are available?

    Standard annotations included are freehand drawing, shapes (such as a box or circle), highlight, underline, strike through, and signature (with touch control on enabled devices).

  • How is screen sharing different from exhibit presentation?

    Screen sharing can be customized for entire screens, single applications, and even single browser tabs for a wide range of uses. This is a controlled view of a screen or application rather than full access to a deposition exhibit.

  • Does TSG Remote Depo support exhibits that are video clips?

    Videos and all other filetypes not listed as natively managed exhibits are currently supported via screen share.

  • Do I have the ability to share my screen and individual applications?

    Yes, you have the ability to share an entire screen, individual applications, and individual browser tabs.