Transcription Services

Make sure the record is impeccable with our expert transcription services, which promise swift, word-perfect transcriptions for depositions, arbitrations, and hearings.

Services Include:

  • Transcription Editing

    Once the final transcription has been completed, we are happy to go back and review any areas of concern or correct proper names, free of charge.

  • Transcription Poor Audio

    TSG recognizes that not all audio is great quality and we will always do our best to work with audio of any quality and provide as accurate a work product as possible.

  • Certified Transcription

    Get accurate, timely transcriptions of your depositions, arbitrations, hearings, and video and audio recordings with TSG’s transcription services. We offer e-mail and disk delivery in a variety of robust file formats, including eTranscriptTM and condensed PDFs.

  • Foreign Language Audio

    TSG is able to work with English audio as well as dozens of other languages. We can provide the final product in the original language, or transcribe it and then translate it into English.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“For close to 10 years, I have regularly used TSG as my provider for court reporting services. Their service is second to none and their reporters promptly deliver clean transcripts. They are always available at any time of the day to deal with technical glitches and to coordinate with correspondent reporters in other jurisdictions. TSG’s professionals are a pleasure to deal with and I highly recommend them.”

Friedman Kaplan Seiler & Adelman LLP


“I insist on using TSG in every case, and always propose that all parties involved in each case use TSG. Their service is unparalleled and their work product is far superior to every other court reporting service I’ve used. Whether you need a court reporter the next day or the next month, in New York or Los Angeles or anywhere in between, the quality of the work will consistently be second to none.”

McKool Smith


“What impresses me most about TSG is the quality of the transcripts their reporters produce. Because they only use the best reporters, even the rough transcripts I get from TSG are close to a finished product. That plus the intuitive DVD provided with each transcript keeps TSG at the top of my list.”

Mayer Brown LLP


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