Data Security

Conduct depositions remotely, store documents online, and share transcripts and exhibits digitally, all while protecting personal information and sensitive data thanks to our industry-leading security measures, including compliance with ISO, HIPAA, and other regulatory standards.
Data Security

Seamless Global Service with an Emphasis on Data Protection

Information security is of the utmost importance to us at TSG Reporting. We conform to the ISO 27002 security standard as an organization, we are TrustArc certified, meeting the requirements for HIPAA’s privacy segment standards, and we adhere to or exceed many Fortune 500 firm-specific standards.

You’ll be able to

  • Conduct Virtual Depositions

    Take, defend, and participate in depositions anywhere in the world over a secure, encrypted connection.

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  • Utilize Real-Time/Text Streaming

    Connect securely to the reporter’s writer for a live view of the transcript as it is being written.

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  • Store Documents and Exhibits

    Make use of TSG’s secure online file storage solutions, including searchable case repositories for transcripts, exhibits, and even streaming video, which will remain available for the life of your case.

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  • Connect With Disparate Parties

    Using our state-of-the-art videoconference system, you can connect with multiple participants throughout the world with high-definition clarity. We support both IP and ISDN configurations.

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