Court Reporting Services

Our highly experienced, certified real-time reporters provide impeccable transcripts, with unparalleled attention to detail, whether in person or remote.

Services Include:

  • Virtual Depositions

    Take, defend, and participate in depositions, arbitrations, and hearings anywhere in the world over a secure, encrypted connection. TSG supports multiple solutions and platforms for a tailored approach to your specific remote deposition needs.

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  • Real-Time/Text Streaming

    Connect securely to the reporter’s writer for a live view of the transcript as it is being written. Attorneys can rewind for self-read backs, search the testimony, and make annotations or highlights within the transcript. In the case of virtual depositions, video can be streamed in tandem with the text.

  • Rough Drafts (Same Day)

    Receive a rough draft electronically the same night as the deposition. While not finalized, this version of the transcript will have all steno marks removed for easier reading and is a useful tool for keeping your workflow moving forward without delays.

  • Electronic Delivery

    With each transcript order you will receive electronic delivery of four standard transcript file types: ASCII (text), PTX (e-Transcript), PDF (full-sized), and PDF (condensed). TextMap, LiveNote, exhibit, and video files will follow via disk or posted to our secure, searchable, web-based repository that will remain available for the life of your case.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“For close to 10 years, I have regularly used TSG as my provider for court reporting services. Their service is second to none and their reporters promptly deliver clean transcripts. They are always available at any time of the day to deal with technical glitches and to coordinate with correspondent reporters in other jurisdictions. TSG’s professionals are a pleasure to deal with and I highly recommend them.”

Friedman Kaplan Seiler & Adelman LLP


“What impresses me most about TSG is the quality of the transcripts their reporters produce. Because they only use the best reporters, even the rough transcripts I get from TSG are close to a finished product.”

Mayer Brown LLP


“TSG is my ‘go to’ firm for court reporting services in complex commercial disputes. In addition to providing accurate and highly skilled reporters, they offer unparalleled service and sophistication using the latest technologies in production, real time and video/telephone support. They are the best.”

Kasowitz Benson Torres LLP


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