January 14, 2019

Employee Spotlight- Mean Dean Kongslie

TSG Reporting
TSG Reporting

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What brought you to TSG?

Well, the backstory is actually a bit more interesting than the face of it. Upon graduating I was playing poker professionally for 2 years and in that time Kevin had reached out to see if I was interested in interviewing with TSG and potentially moving to New York as the company was growing. At the time I knew in the back of my head that I would eventually get a proper use of my degree, but declined as I loved what I was doing and seeing the results of my work. I was able to play in some tournaments around the world, could play online from anywhere and even started a coaching business. Then came April 15, 2011 or “Black Friday” as the poker community called it when the US Government shut down all online poker within the US. I felt a bit like Kanye West at the end of Last Call when he called G and is like, “You think we can still get that deal with Rock-A-Fella?” Fortunately, Rix is a Poker player himself and was able to see the value in what I was doing. Here we are now with history repeating itself and I’m playing with numbers and statistics again each day.


What is your favorite part about working at TSG Reporting?

It is undoubtedly the personal stories that fall like dominoes when a piece of daily gossip sparks the greater interest of the office. Typically it originates in one of the Ops departments, but before things settle Howie will make his rounds garnering a wider interest. The usual suspects will be heard and if we are really lucky a cackle will ring out from Luke after Brian, Gabby or Aaron muster a story from their past to bring context to their opinion. Or alternatively, a bet will be made and results immortalized on the whiteboard.


If you could chose a superpower, what would it be and why?

It would be to have the perfect song playing around me at all times, not just for me but others as well in a group setting. I think music has a big influence on human emotion and can help in triumph as well as reflection. Don’t worry, the perfect song can be blissful quiet too.

What was the last book you read?

The Devil in the White City. It’s non-fiction that reads like a novel set in Chicago while the World’s Fair was being proposed and built. It juxtaposes the brute force and determination of some of the most skilled architects of the time, including George Ferris the inventor of the Ferris wheel and Frederick Olmstead the designer of Central Park, against the dark whit and scheming of one of the America’s greatest serial killers who seized opportunity in the commotion of the fair.

How do you balance your career and personal life?

I think it is important to always be learning something new in your personal life in addition to something new in your career. You can’t tell me that you do not feel better when you accomplish something and I crave that satisfaction. That isn’t to say it comes easy or some goals aren’t met, but when I have strong interests in both realms it helps me to stay motivated each day to go to the office knowing that it allows me to pursue other interests outside work.