June 30, 2021

Employee Spotlight- Jonah Hiller

TSG Reporting prides itself on the dedication and talent of those that make up our team. Each individual that encompasses TSG Reporting adds value and represents the company with dignity and professionalism. They will always go above and beyond for their clients.

We are dedicated to making our clients’ lives easier, anticipating their needs, and solving problems with unrivaled responsiveness.

We invite you to follow us as we turn the spotlight onto the different individuals who make us who we are. You will get to learn their unique talents, interests and what continues to drive, inspire and motivate them to bring their best to TSG and those we serve.

What brought you to TSG?

Prior to coming to TSG, I was working as a Legal Assistant at a law firm. While I enjoyed the work environment and the legal experience, I realized that I did not want to go to law school nor be a lawyer. So when I got the opportunity to interview at TSG, I jumped at it. After 6 interviews in 2 days, here I am. Switching to TSG was the perfect next step and ideal fit for myself. I was able to stay in the legal field without working in a law firm with opportunity to grow.


What is your favorite part about working at TSG Reporting?

I love a challenge and every day at TSG brings something new. Whether it’s a new client, a demo or just learning something new about the court reporting industry as whole. While it’s been 7 months of remote work, I’ve enjoyed every day and I look forward to meeting everyone in person!

Who is your favorite sports team?

New York Giants, easy call. Watching them go on those Super Bowl runs in ‘08 and ‘12 was incredible.

20180819_194410 (1).jpg

How do you balance your personal and professional life?

Relaxing as much as possible on the weekends is crucial for myself. It allows me to separate work from rest while also mentally preparing for the week ahead. Whether this involves going to sports games, concerts or just relaxing on the beach with my girlfriend, it’s imperative to stay loose when not working.

jonah 1.jpg

What did you want to be when you grew up?

I grew up watching the old James Bond movies, so working as a spy in the CIA seemed like a reasonable occupation. Who doesn’t like tuxedoes!?!