October 19, 2020

Employee Spotlight- Brian O’Donnell

TSG Reporting
TSG Reporting

TSG Reporting prides itself on the dedication and talent of those that make up our team. Each individual that encompasses TSG Reporting adds value and represents the company with dignity and professionalism. They will always go above and beyond for their clients.

We are dedicated to making our clients’ lives easier, anticipating their needs, and solving problems with unrivaled responsiveness.

We invite you to follow us as we turn the spotlight onto the different individuals who make us who we are. You will get to learn their unique talents, interests and what continues to drive, inspire and motivate them to bring their best to TSG and those we serve.

What brought you to TSG?

After graduating from college, I began working as a Business Analyst at a retail/clothing/shoe chain called Steve & Barry’s. They were best known for their Starbury sneaker line with Stephon Marbury. It was the type of role where I found out rather quickly how unhealthy the company was doing financially very early, which was the opposite of how things were portrayed publically and to the company as a whole. I ran away as quickly as I could and got in touch with a headhunter weeks after leaving who set me up with an interview at TSG. I felt like I connected with everyone I interviewed with and most importantly I saw a small company that would provide me an opportunity to prove myself with our CEO having visibility over everything I did. There was no hiding, which I found common place in the 500 person company I had just come from.


What is your favorite part about working at TSG Reporting?

My colleagues and the culture. Even though people who I considered friends have come and gone, I feel like we have consistently added more and more talented people who have added more to the TSG culture. There are a lot of hard working, driven, and smart people who work here and I have always felt that is the backbone of the company. I also take tremendous joy in being the Fantasy Sports Commissioner and having countless trophies on my desk which are on display for all. I am still waiting on someone to build me a trophy case.

Who Inspires You and Why?

My Mom and Dad came to the US rural Ireland in the early 1980s without college educations. When I was born, they had little to their name. 18 Years later, I graduated high school as Valedictorian and went on to graduate from Brown. My sister went to Penn State and has her Master’s Degree now. They taught us the value of education and hard work but also were shrewd enough to be retired by 55 while sending us both to college.


What did you want to be when you grew up?

Up until I was 8, I wanted to be a police detective, and then it changed to being a professional football player or coach. By senior year of high school I tore my ACL and meniscus, and I knew it was highly unlikely to happen, so I went to Brown thinking I was going to become a Lawyer or politician. Instead today, I find myself somewhere where the attorneys are the clients. Ironic how life works out.

How do you balance your career and personal life?

The last 7 months has been pretty surreal for all of us, but my remote work really went almost 100% of the time as of last November when I blew out my Achilles playing in the one and only TSG Flag Football game(Next time I think I will just coach). I can relate to how hard it can be not having the in-person interaction that we have grown so used to. I think it’s super important for all of us to Zoom when we can or get on the phone will colleagues and discuss work issues/shoot the proverbial you know what. We are all human and by our nature, it’s important to have that interaction, particularly when most of us really enjoyed our in-person interactions in the office. One moment that really hit me was when I came in to the office for the first time since Covid began and how much I enjoyed being around a few colleagues and talking to them.

For me personally, I am forever grateful to Mike for the remote work flexibility he afford so many at TSG pre-covid, including allowing me to create the best work/life balance pre-Covid. By working remote several days a week pre-Covid, I was able to make sure that I can spend as much time as possible with my wife and two daughters, Hailey, 5, and Riley, 19 months. The three of them are all Tour de Force’s, but the more time I get with them, the happier I am. Well that and Bachelor Mondays. I don’t deny it.


What was the last book you read?

Churchill – A Walk with Destiny. It was a biography about Winston Churchill going in incredible detail about his entire life. Sometimes there are imperfect leaders at the perfect time and I think that certainly defines him. I found the book to be very inspirational, especially with some of the things taking place in the world today.